mmmbabies (mmmbabies) wrote,

babies4fun: helo
x look its me: hi
babies4fun: how ru?
x look its me: fine
x look its me: you?
babies4fun: mesa supa kawaii ^___^ thx for asking
x look its me: ahh. that's good.
babies4fun: yez
babies4fun: i wus wondering if u knew jennifer konwiack's phone #? i lost it
x look its me: er..i don't know who that is
babies4fun: o im sorry
babies4fun: u had her added on lj so i thot u mite know
x look its me: ohh. it's alright
babies4fun: ^_^
babies4fun: but neways how ru
babies4fun: wuts up?
x look its me: nothing, just doing stuff on dinomb
babies4fun: o dinomb
babies4fun: is taht secret code for bombdain?
x look its me: no, lol. it's a message board
babies4fun: o
babies4fun: ru a fan of bombdain?
x look its me: i don't even know what bombdain is
babies4fun: o
babies4fun: fukker
x look its me: ...
babies4fun: forget about bombdain
x look its me: okay
babies4fun: you nevar herd of bombdain
babies4fun: ok???
x look its me: no i haven't
babies4fun: ok gud
babies4fun: u kno i already kno about bombdain so if ur just trying to keep undercover or something u can tell me
x look its me: don't know what it at all.
babies4fun: ru sure??
x look its me: positive.
babies4fun: ok ;-)
babies4fun: ;-)
babies4fun: i wil go now
babies4fun: i mite see u latr at the sohw
x look its me: ..i'm not going to a show
babies4fun: o ok
x look its me: er..i don't think we even live in the same state
babies4fun: wel ill keep u in my prayers, melanie
babies4fun: o ok
x look its me: oh, er, i'm not melanie o.o
babies4fun: ok ;-)
babies4fun: bai
x look its me: bye

does ne1 kno who that iz? i thot it wuz bev_gets_wed but tehn tehy knew about bombdain o_______0
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